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Shields you from germs in between hand washings.


Is Hand Washing Enough?

We all know that washing your hands with soap and water is effective at killing germs - but you're only protected until you touch the next contaminated surface.

That's why our team of Virologists developed a breakthrough lotion that forms a durable, protective shield against germs. Avlo provides long-lasting protection, in between hand washings, even after repeated encounters with contaminated surfaces. So you're free to enjoy the journey. Go! with Avlo.

The Avlo Difference

  • Soothing & Fragrance Free

    Some products contain harsh ingredients. Avlo keeps hands soft.

  • GermBlock Technology

    Our patented formula uses natural proteins to block germs on contact.

  • Long-Lasting Protection

    Designed for sustained protection in between hand washings.

Developed by Virologists

We’re not strangers to some of the deadliest pathogens known to man. As scientific investigators with decades of experience in antiviral research and development, we were determined to break new ground and take a natural, holistic approach toward blocking germs. The result – a proprietary germ blocking protein complex combined with a soothing and moisturizing lotion. Today, our expertise in the field sets us apart.

We all know how difficult life becomes when we have to battle germs while traveling. Avlo is an important line of defense in this fight. Our founders and scientific advisory board have collaborated for many years on some of the toughest questions in their field. Avlo was developed through the shared vision of taking a natural approach to blocking germs.

As founders of Avlo we reached out to our research colleagues who are pioneers in the fields of microbiology, virology and immunology to help us solve a problem. How do we block germs in between washing our hands as we go about our day? After many thoughtful brainstorming sessions we arrived at an answer. We need to utilize the body’s natural proteins to shield us from germs.

Protective Hand Lotion



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Avlo work?

Avlo is a proprietary combination of natural products, proteins and our patented ingredient,
GermBlock, which allows Avlo to work with your skin to enhance your skin’s natural ability to
shield you from germs.

Is Avlo a hand sanitizer?

Avlo is not a hand sanitizer, but can be used to enhance the germ fighting ability of hand
sanitizers and hand washing with soap. When applied after hand washing, Avlo provides a
durable long-lasting shield between hand washings.

How is Avlo different from other hand lotions?

Unlike regular hand lotions that just moisturize, Avlo goes beyond and will not only moisturize
your skin, it will also help your skin’s natural barrier function and provide a long-lasting shield
from germs.

What types of germs does Avlo block?

Avlo provides a shield against those germs you can encounter on cruise ships, during air travel
and in other close contact environments such as nursing homes, schools and offices.

Should I use Avlo in all travel situations?

Yes. Avlo can be used in all travel situations.

How many times per day should I apply Avlo

Avlo contains natural ingredients and proteins so it can be applied multiple times per day
without risk of damage to your skin.

Is Avlo suitable for everyone?

Yes. Avlo is designed to be used by young and old alike. Children under 6 should be supervised
when using Avlo.

Are there risks with using Avlo?

As Avlo contains natural products and proteins, there is little or no risk to using Avlo. However,
if you know you are allergic to any of our ingredients, you should consult your doctor before